Bill Price - folk singer - 1938-1980
Photo of Bill Price
Bill Price

The following comes from a promotional leaflett Bill Price issued around 1977:

Bill Price was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire and began singing in concerts at the age of 10. He was well known in clubs arround Yorkshire and the North East in the early 1960’s, specialising at that time in unaccompanied ballad singing. He moved to Toronto in 1965 and turned professional singer in a duo ‘The Pedler's Pack’ with Roger Renwick providing the instrumentation. The duo disbanded when Bill moved West and Roger went off to study for his Ph.D in Folk Life Studies.
Over in British Columbia Bill was joined by an old friend from England, guitarist Ben Benson, and together they played many concerts, radio shows throughout the province, and ran their own television series on British Folk Music. On his return to England in 1968, Bill decided, reluctantly at first, to accompany his songs with guitar and concertina. He was soon regarded as an accomplished musician on a variety of instruments and taught guitar in his home town.
After the release of his record “The Fine Old Yorkshire Gentleman” in 1973, and offers of work abroad, Bill decided it was time to leave the teaching profession and launch into a full-time singing career again.
Bill performed at clubs and festivals up and down Britain, toured Germany, Canada and the United States, and made a number of radio and television appearances. He played bass guitar for the Broomfield Wager Ceilidh Band and toured extensively in North America in Autumn 1977.
His songs were mainly traditional, many of them collected by Bill in Yorkshire.

Bill Price's family - the continuing tradition

Bill married Wendy in 1968, she plays melodeon, sings regularly at sessions, is a musician for Persephone (Bradford womens morris) & Goathland Plough Stots and a ceilidh caller. Their daughters Ruth and Sadie Price sing together at festivals and clubs around England. They also both sing with She Shanties, a women’s shanty crew. Sadie dances with Persephone and Ruth sings in the three part harmony group hex pent with Terry & Linda Dix, she also plays Bill’s English concertina for the The Witchmen. Ruth and Wendy both live in Whitby. Ruth's son William was named for his grandfather - he plays drums in a rock duo & a ceilidh band and djembe for The Witchmen as a result of which he won the Andy Hamilton 'young morris musician' memorial award at Rochester Sweeps Festival in 2005, he and his younger brother Sam have both danced with 'Sir Harry’s Sword' junior longsword team based in Whittlesea which, in a side that included both boys, won the EFDSS junior longsword tropy three years in succession. Sam has since danced with the 'Wype Doles' longsword side and Rockingham Rapper he now dances with Black Swan Rapper.